MindSpa Integrative Wellness Center

MindSpa hired T3M in December 2014 to develop an efficient and consistent marketing system. MindSpa is an integrative wellness center in Sarasota focused on brain-medicine, alternative medicine, functional medicine, energy medicine, and addiction treatment.

Key results over 29 months:

MindSpa Integrative Wellness Center
  • Prepared and distributed 130 media releases and captured more than 200 media links.
  • Created a new logo for the business.
  • Focused the marketing outreach on five core niches to better define the brand: Brain Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Functional Medicine, Energy Medicine, and Addiction Treatment.
  • Developed a new dynamic website as a major upgrade over the prior static website. The website also benefits from enhanced SEO support.
  • New features on the website: news section on the Home page, staff bios and photos on the Team page, a comprehensive summary of the clinical and spa services on the Services page, multiple first person reports on the Blog, more than 50 articles on the Articles page, a Media page with all of the media releases and media links, and a custom Glossary defining 160 clinical and technical terms associated with MindSpa’s core niches.
  • Created a new Videos page on the website presenting 33 videos from the Clinical Services and Spa Services pages.
  • Expanded the MindSpa Facebook network from 136 to 1,500 followers.
  • Launched and enhanced Google+ page with photos and responses to all reviews.
  • Launched and enhanced Yelp page with photos and responses to all reviews.
  • Launched and expanded Twitter and Instagram networks to promote the MindSpa brand while attracting new followers, clients and patients.
  • Grew active Twitter network from 0 to 1,200 followers with more than 4,500 tweets.
  • Grew active Instagram network from 0 to 1,020 followers with 128 photo postings.
  • Designed and managed an improved monthly E-Newsletter with information about services, team members, discounts, and various updates.
  • Expanded the MindSpa database from 400 to 1,400 individuals.
  • Completed 14 interviews and articles for the Blog presenting first person reports about MindSpa team members and services.
  • Provided ongoing marketing support of classes and workshops presented at MindSpa by team members and other area professionals.
  • Developed and supported several Open House Networking Socials that promote MindSpa while supporting the networking needs of allies and other friends. The open houses resulted in new clients and patients as well as referrals.
  • Ongoing marketing support of the initiative by MindSpa to support local veterans dealing with PTSD and other conditions. Support included building a database of local contacts with veteran support groups, multiple media releases, multiple social media postings, media outreach, and more.
  • Designed multiple brochures to support MindSpa’s public outreach efforts.
  • Ongoing advocacy with local media resulting in multiple articles and television and radio interviews.
  • Ongoing marketing and communications support including special projects.